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The BT Business Series: Marketing and branding advice for small business owners on the Marketing Solutions blog

The BT team publish helpful content for business owners and entrepreneurs on a variety of business topics, but asked Christina to write a series for The Marketing Solutions Blog   The marketing mindset of high-growth business leaders - Have a read Tips for growing your brand on a budget - Have a read The sharing economy: the next big thing for SME marketing? - Have a read here  ...

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Quick Tips – 3 Social media marketing faux pas you might want to avoid

Over the past five years, social media has become a key component of marketing for all kinds of businesses. If your company doesn’t have a good social media presence in 2015, frankly, it may as well not exist. However, in their eagerness to be part of this digital revolution, some businesses don’t stop to learn the basics of social media marketing strategy before they start tweeting, posting and Instagramming. This can lead to some embarrassing...

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Expert expo: AJ Sharp on How to generate your own PR

Working with The Nurture Network team, we get to work with some brilliant marketing experts who are specialists in their field. I'm always amazed by the top tips that they share so that's what Expert Expo is all about. This time we have AJ who is a PR expert and also a business owner as she founded her PR agency Sharp Relations in 2010. Sharp Relations is now an award-winning agency - specialising in food, drink, restaurant...

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