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7 ways to use your brand to accelerate your business – part 1

When I’m out and about speaking and running workshops on marketing I’m often faced with puzzled looks when I start talking about branding – but your brand – when well considered – can become one of your strongest marketing assets. It isn’t an easy area though: It isn’t an art and it isn’t a science – it is an intangible and complex mix of both. Get it right and you will have loyal customers who come...

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You can get and handle press for your business yourself

For every piece of coverage appearing on the BBC or in the Financial Times, there are hundreds of smaller more niche opportunities out there that might actually prove more suitable at reaching your audience and this is who you want to focus on. As entrepreneurial business leaders you are perfectly positioned to drive the PR of your business by utilizing your network and your business story - in turn creating a great channel to increase...

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What can you learn from other savvy businesses on how to do marketing on a budget?

There are businesses that we know, love  and work with that come up with some ingenious ideas to spread word of their business on a real budget. Rather than get down in the dumps about not having big advertising budgets, they come up with more creative and budget effective solutions to make the world hear about their brand. Inspired by this we've put together The Nurture Network’s round-up of 7 practical ideas to get your creative...

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Are you measuring your success online?

You are working blind if you are trying to implement an effective marketing strategy without analysing your performance and now it has never been more accessible to keep track of your results for the activities you do online. There is a wealth of data which enables you to assess the response of visitors to your website and then evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, whether it is you are looking to enhance your online presence, increase...

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How to motivate your team with a vision they believe in

As a company founder, CEO or MD it is our job to mobilise our people behind a common goal - because single handed attempts will prevent your business from reaching it's true potential. This means defining a vision that motivates them. Having a vision of what you want to achieve, and where you want to get to, is infectiously compelling - to your consumers, to your team, to any potential investors. Your greatest challenge is not just defining...

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What's in a brand? Top tips for utilising your brand for your business growth

Christina's most recent article on Branding and how to use it to grow your business has been published on the HSBC Knowledge Hub - you can read it here: Brands are a whole lot more than just a logo and packaging design. The most powerful brands mean something to people. This meaning leads to customers repeatedly buying that brand, even when it might be more rational to choose a cheaper option. Creating this meaning is down to...

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Become the media maestro for your business

Driving awareness is a key challenge for any start-up, and a major part of what I do with the businesses I work with. As a budget-efficient channel, PR is often called upon to help achieve this objective – and whilst we will often call our PR experts into the team – I do think business owners can do much themselves, particularly in B2B or service businesses.  At this point many business owners shy away from...

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