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Collaborative Marketing at it's best as year 2 of charity campaign goes live today

Last year, The Nurture Network helped award winning start-up and bespoke tailoring company A Suit That Fits launch their first national campaign A Suit for Success, with a resounding response. We received over 1000 donations - which helped the beneficiaries of our three partner homelessness charities to dress to impress for their job interviews; and we reached out to the people of Britain across broadcast, print, radio and social media, achieving around £300,000 worth of media value, with a budget...

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Top Tips on how you can increase trust online

Does internet privacy, cookies, tracking and all the rest start to worry you if you start to think about it too much? In business and in life as a whole, we all seem to stuck our heads in the sand - but you are not alone with your worries:  According to a recent study released by the Ponemon Institute (a privacy research company) 59% believe the Internet, social media, geotracking devices and smart mobile devices diminish privacy...

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What is your LinkedIn profile saying about you behind your back?

LinkedIn connects 187m professionals around the world - with 10 million in the UK  - but it’s more than just a 21st century roller deck; to build an online profile successfully requires a clear understanding of your objectives first. So think, why are you on LinkedIn? Is it to find new business opportunities, stay engaged with existing ones, find new staff, to be easily found by clients or all of the above? Define that and then hone...

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Work together with your marketing and get results on a budget

The biggest challenge for most new brands is lack of awareness but there is a clever way to reach more people: Marketing collaboration - the best kept secret of the entrepreneurial world.  Over 60% of start-ups and small businesses are working together to find new customers because it can be one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to grow a business. At one end of the scale, businesses are co-creating completely new products,...

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Are you using the Sharing Economy to grow your business?

The rising trend labelled the Sharing Economy has, up to now, not really caught the attention of the masses, and yet it has embedded itself into our consumer lives in numerous ways. The trend wraps up all the platforms and ventures that enable the transfer of goods to be shared and exchanged, creating a stark contrast to the hyper consumption trends of the boom years. Fuelled heavily by a sense of austerity from our economic...

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Write effective headlines and consumers will come

The subject line, headline and lead are the most important aspects to any email campaign. So how do you write better ones and build a memorable marketing strategy around them? While eight of 10 people will read your headline, about two of the 10 will open and read the story, according to When it comes to marketing, in general, the purpose is to create new business, increase sales, promote your brand, cultivate new relationships while...

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Customer service is social: 5 lessons from SMEs in the know

As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos famously said, “your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. According to recent research from online giant Rakuten - the company behind – 46% of shoppers in the UK under the age of 25 turn to social media to publicly air their customer experiences, while a further 37% of all shoppers believe that quality of customer service is now more important online than...

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