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How to reconnect your leadership team with your customer

Leading a dynamic, entrepreneurial SME is often akin to the battle of David and Goliath. To win against the big fish you need to be clever and exploit their vulnerabilities; their tendency to become slow moving, tied up in decision-making hierarchies and distanced from the customer. This competitive mindset is laid out by inspiring writer Adam Morgan in his book Eating the Big Fish, where he outlines his 'credos' for challenger brands to win. Small...

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How to create content so customers find you

The way we consume media has dramatically changed in the last ten years: from smart phones to LinkedIn Today to Facebook and Twitter, we now all have information at our finger tips, instantaneously. This firstly means you and your business can be researched easily (see our article on managing your online reputation) but more importantly presents an opportunity for you to attract people that are looking for the expertise you have, with useful content. Writing a...

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How to write an engaging brief to get the best from creative people

Whether it is for your business stationary, a print advert or creative for a whole media campaign, SMEs need creative services, and getting the best results starts with a clear and inspiring brief from you, the brand owner. There are hundreds of talented agencies and freelance creative people offering these services but the challenge isn’t so much picking who to work with as it is ensuring that YOU understand the message you want to convey and...

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Have you googled yourself recently?

As leaders of ambitious SMEs you and your brand will be searched for online by potential customers, so it is vital that what they find helps secure a sale. Whether you are targeting a global or local audience, customers need to find the right information as easily as possible, and get a positive impression from what they find. 1. First impressions count When was the last time you Googled yourself, others in your team, or your brand?...

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The branding behaviours of high growth businesses

The most powerful brands mean something to people; they have values and are emotionally attractive to their target audience. Whether you look at a social-tech start-up like Instagram, which sold to Facebook for $1bn aged just 18 months old, or at UK consumer brands like Ella’s Kitchen, which at six years old now has 14% share of the UK baby food market and a turnover of £60m, the learnings are the same: They set out...

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Navigating the latest ten Marketing Buzzwords in the Boardroom

Ever been sat in a meeting listening to those around the table firing buzzwords back and forth, only to head back to the office to Google the offending words? We certainly have: Where marketing provides an umbrella for so many traditional, digital and creative specialisms it has become one of the biggest culprits for developing its own overly complicated lexicon. So here are The Nurture Network's latest marketing buzzwords to watch out for: Sharkonomics No, it doesn’t refer...

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How to lay the foundations for a marketing strategy that works

Every start-up entrepreneur sets out, armed with flip chart and pens, on a mission to draw up the perfect business plan. This often starts with a grand vision, and is accompanied by the financials to get there. But what continually surprises me, is just how few businesses, big or small, consider the customer drivers that will achieve those numbers, nor incorporate an up-to-date marketing strategy to reach those customers. Your plan cannot be articulated without...

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Effective marketing campaigns begin with channel clarity

One of the biggest challenges facing any business attempting to use marketing to grow, is the fragmentation within the industry:  Today’s consumer environment is multi-touch, continually evolving, and the industry has grown to reflect that. As a result, the role of each individual channel can become unclear for business owners, which means I'm regularly asked what the role of marketing is versus a PR or advertising agency. With service providers all selling their particular specialism to...

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