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The Marketing Mindset of High Growth Business Leaders

Marketing is often misconstrued as little more than advertising – lots of brands jumping up and down and shouting as they try to grab potential customers’ attention. Done right however, marketing will cover every touch point of your business from raising brand awareness (where advertising is often a good tool), to activities that develop trust, drive trial, encourage repeat sales and incentivise them to tell their friends about you. The key is to create a strong...

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The Nurture Network partners with GrowthAccelerator to help accelerate high-growth potential businesses

The Nurture Network team are proud to be partnering with GrowthAccelerator – a new and unique service, brought to life by Grant Thornton for the Government’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills, to help accelerate fast-growing SMEs. Never before have the eyes of the nation been so focussed on entrepreneurs. With the economic forecast remaining flat and unemployment stubbornly high the UK is reliant upon the small and medium sized businesses to grow the economy. The...

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Team led by The Nurture Network wins Retail Marketing award

In our roles as associates at The Nurture Network we have the fortune of working with many ambitious and exciting new brands. One day we are being the part-time hands-on marketing manager for a start-up; the next, running workshops and projects to develop the strategy for a growth business.   For the last 18 months, Nurture Network founder Christina has been leading the marketing development, as the Head of Marketing, for innovative bespoke tailoring company A Suit That Fits. By nurturing...

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Your marketing will only be successful if you think about your objectives first

We have the privilege of working with some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs and business founders every day. But since most of them are real ideas people there is often a 'creative conflict' as we work to keep focus on the objectives we agreed to deliver the business growth plan. By ruthlessly focusing on objectives, we can sometimes feel like the ones spoiling all the fun (fun and flexibility are after all cornerstones of having your...

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Be creative with media to cut through the noise

Not long ago I wrote about how making people laugh can really cut through the media ‘noise’ out there – with great examples of brands like being creative in both where they talk, and what they say. If you missed it – you can find the full article here. Building on the idea of creative use of space I was then sent this image of a US BMW ad – which shows creative use of media buying. Whether...

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Short-listed for the Retail Week Marketing Team awards

In our roles as associates at The Nurture Network we have the fortune of working with many ambitious and exciting new brands - one day being the hands on marketing manager day to day for a start-up, and the next leading the strategy from the top in a growth business. But if that wasn't satisfaction enough, we have now been short listed for the Retail Week Marketing Team awards with our A Suit That Fits team. For...

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The best start-ups solve a genuine 'pain' in consumers lives

Whether setting out to find a start-up idea, or refining and developing an existing one, the most important thing is to create the strongest foundations possible by being genuinely different, and by building a brand: To thrive in business you have to be different – but that doesn’t mean you need to create the next Innocent drinks. Instead, look at the marketplace you want to enter and identify the weaknesses for the consumer in that marketplace. Then...

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