The Ultimate Blogger Outreach Guide

According to eMarketer, 60% of Internet users read blogs, and because of this popularity, businesses are forming partnerships with their writers. The practice has spawned a discipline marketers label blogger outreach. Advertisers and businesses have found that forming relationships with blogs that appeal to small, specialized audiences (or niche audiences) produces higher converting traffic than sites with a large, broad following.
To promote your business, after you have identified potential blog partners, you must reach out to those bloggers to find out if they will help you promote your brand. Once you come to an agreement, you can work together to produce content that drives consumers to your business.
You can use several techniques to conduct blogger outreach:
Create an Opt-in Network
On way to do blogger outreach is through your webpage. You can encourage bloggers to partner with you by providing a contact form or email link for them to sign up as a promotional partner. An offer like this is usually located in a website’s “About Us” section or special section for business information.
Start an outreach email campaign
Make different templates for different prospective blog partners. This will save you time and allow you to contact more prospects. Blogger contact information is easily found in articles that speak to your target audience. Copy-and-pasted copy appears insincere, so tailor each email to its recipient. As an incentive, offer free products or services to your prospective blog partners when you solicit them. You can also give away your offering as a contest prize.
Expand on your blog partner’s social media
If you already have blog partners, you may occasionally want to market directly to their social network. Some blog followers visit a writer’s site regularly, but a blogger’s social media following represents their entire niche. If you execute a social-worthy media campaign, you can access their full sphere of influence.
Maximise your key dates
Depending on your niche, certain dates are important to your brand. For instance, if your product is beer or wine and spirits, you should plan campaigns for St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. You can offer prizes or send gifts alerting your current or potential blog partners that you are spearheading a special promotion.
Be ever-present
Marketers commonly arrange blogger reviews. Yet, consumers are more apt to trust peers than official sources, and shoppers create product reviews daily. This is another way to showcase your brand. Online marketers now use product placement, a tactic regularly reserved for visual media. Instead of soliciting a review, tell a relatable story and present your brand as a solution. This approach is more compelling.
The use of blogger outreach is steadily increasing – so much so an entire consulting discipline is emerging – but stay personal and focus on relationship sand it’s easy to execute yourself.
Fabulous blogger collage image by Elaine Vigneault