Teaching, training and courses for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Investing in skill-set

Accelerates growth

Can you learn to be an entrepreneur? Yes. You most certainly can.


It is a fast-paced world of innovation we exist in as entrepreneurs. Starting and scaling a business is a continuous and steep learning curve so investing in knowledge along the way accelerates success.


From our workshops and teaching, to our open courses and team-training the focus is on practical learning, with your peers, with frameworks and tools applied in class on your business or business idea straight away.

Academic institutions

Supporting academic institutions focused on driving start-up innovation and entrepreneurship with practical and interactive teaching.

Accelerators & incubators

Working with start-up and scale-up accelerators and incubators dedicated to growing the skill-set of their founders in a hands-on way.

Start-up team training

Enabling effective start-up and scale-up teams with bespoke training and workshops focused on team skills-set and team dynamic.

Open courses & bootcamps

Fuelling founders and budding entrepreneurs starting out on their start-up journey with our open courses and annual bootcamp.

Training and teaching topics

  • Start idea validation
  • Customer development & MVP testing
  • Market segmentation & positioning
  • Start-up marketing tactics
  • Branding & product strategy
  • Sales & marketing strategy
  • Leadership as an entrepreneur
  • Communication & influencing
  • Founder wellbeing & resilience

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