March 7, 2012

workshops that work


our one-to-one strategy days

we work with business teams to crack the big strategic questions and create your marketing strategy in just a few days

Ambitious young businesses don’t have weeks to spend on strategising – and that’s why we created a way to create your 1 year marketing strategy and action plan through our one-to-one workshop format that work. Created bespoke for your business, we will utilise different tools and exercises to get to the core challenge for your marketing or brand and formulate a clear action plan to make to happen. We can include:

– Who is my customer and where do I find them to increase sales?

– What should my brand stand for to make customers want to buy it?

– How can I accelerate my business with marketing?

– How do I grow my brand with marketing on a budget?

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our group learning workshops

inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders with group learning on marketing and branding

Sometimes entrepreneurs and business leaders just need a bit of a break from the day to day to find the inspiration to fuel the next stage of business growth. That is why we run occasional group workshops in London, covering some thought-provoking topics and providing a great environment to network and meet other entrepreneurs. Topics include:

– 10 things to do today to drive your business with marketing

– How to create a great customer experience through your whole business

– Effective campaigns mean outstanding project management

– Why aren’t you working together to do your marketing for free?

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