Why influencer marketing is changing the way brands make decisions.

With social media becoming a huge part of everyday life brands are now able to capture a great way to use the power of word-of-mouth recommendation to promote their products and increase brand awareness through people with an established base of admiring followers. Here’s why influencer marketing is so great for brands.
Accessibility and the power of 1
Influencer marketing is about reaching journalists, thought-leaders and highly-influential bloggers all over the world, with a view to gaining their endorsement and in turn reaching the masses. It can be accessible – influencers can be followed by anyone which  can be the start of a conversation. A small Instagram post could lead to a write up in Forbes magazine if it catches the eye of the right people. That is the beauty of influencer marketing, you never know who may see it, so it can lead to big things, but it usually takes a lot of hard work and persistence too.
The YouTube generation
With channels like YouTube drawing in millions to watch content created by ‘YouTubers’ we have an emerging generation who are rapidly becoming more and more popular with a highly loyal fanbase. This opens up a gateway for brands to be able to get these people on board to feature or promote their products in a celebrity-endorsement kind of way (sometimes without the celebrity endorsement price tag). Certain products such as clothing and drinks are easy to feature in a endorsed rather than advertised style too – making the credibility impact greater.
Instagram’s visuals
After hitting over 300 million monthly users Instagram is a great way for brands to show off their products in an artistic or design-led way. The very visual platform allows brands to take on ambassadors with huge followings who promote products using eye-catching imagery for a whole spectrum of benefits including cash sums and free products. Hitting such a wide audience who all have trust in your chosen ambassador means that there is already a sense of familiarity and trust in them, and therefore your brand, meaning fans are more inclined to head to your site and purchase for themselves.
Consumers prefer this way of marketing
We all know there has been a real consumer backlash against advertising – particularly online, with ad-blocker implementation going through the roof,  and people are turning ‘banner blind’. That makes  new forms of reaching consumers such as influencers more effective ways. . Influencer marketing is native – it doesn’t interrupt the user flow meaning that people are more likely to stop and read what is being said by an expert as a natural part of their social media routines. It creates a nicer experience for consumers, and that makes it  more powerful for brands.
It can be targeted and it’s trackable
Making decisions without having the data in front of you is basically pointless, the digital world makes it a lot easier for us to not have to keep firing shots in the dark. Every picture posted online, every interaction and every visit a site gets can be stored and looked at helping you to get masses of data that can be turned into valuable insights on your performance and also your target market. Because an influencers impact is usually measured in their individual social or online reach it naturally occurs that tracking activity with an influencers can be easily tracked as well.
Influencer marketing – when used well – can impact brand credibility and drive sales. The trick going forwards is in formulating a genuine relationship with a suitable influencer for your brand, and crafting what that relationship might mean for you both.
Header Image: Flickr

This article was written by guest writer Chloe Winyard – marketing executive extraordinaire.