Write effective headlines and consumers will come

The subject line, headline and lead are the most important aspects to any email campaign. So how do you write better ones and build a memorable marketing strategy around them? While eight of 10 people will read your headline, about two of the 10 will open and read the story, according to Copyblogger.com. When it comes to marketing, in general, the purpose is to create new business, increase sales, promote your brand, cultivate new relationships while nurturing existing ones, deepen brand loyalty and to create a large set of brand ambassadors to crowdshare their delight in your brand via social media platforms.

Get in their heads

The reason behind an email marketing campaign is to get “in the door.” You want to create deep and meaningful relationships by delivering a distinct voice with niche-specific content that makes your mail too valuable to delete. Campaigns like JangoMail email marketing offer a variety of services to send personalized branded mass emails with substance, track their success and have foreign language capabilities. It’s also important to have access to reliable email distribution that can reach data centers across the globe.

Give it some love

Finding the right headline (aka subject line), takes skills. You need it to have that “something special” that captures the essence of your intentions. Copyblogger.com suggests a useful approach offering a promise that’s actually fulfilled inside the email, meaning, be sure it’s understood what is being promised; a unique and compelling message; and, on top of that, the message needs to be urgent. This email needs to be read now or you’ll lose out. Big time! Here’s your chance, you need to take it!

Grab attention

Punch it. Show that action needs to be taken and it needs to happen NOW! But also avoid being generic or too over-the-top. Make the reader feel special (invite only). Also, if you can include an urgency by giving date specific information, do. They need to look at the information immediately or it won’t be available and they’ll miss out. Everyone wants to be a part of an exclusive group or privy to an offer or event. And, remember your target audience. If you’re marketing for a clothing boutique, you don’t want tech-driven jargon. If you’re representing an accountant, using lofty, flowery words won’t cut it.

Leave the SPAM in the Can

It’s hip to be transparent. Not cool at all to be misleading in any way. Accurate information is a basic rule. You need to avoid spam filters. How do you ask? By being authentic. By not using generic words like, “Free!” Nothing is free, and to indicate someone is getting something for nothing will shut your email campaign right down. Building credibility may take some time. But once you get them, they’re yours forever.
Contributed to us by Peter Hearst